Weibang Velocity 76 FBM Field & Brush Mower SKU: WGVT38

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Thanks to the commercial build quality and V-twin engines grass as high as 8ft and brush and saplings up to 3” thick can be cut and mulched with ease.


Tall grass and brush cutting requires strong power and torque output. To ensure a consistent delivery and the highest levels of performance we chose the commercial grade WEIBANG X700 Twin cylinder engine, giving up to 13 kW of power output. To protect the engine we created a steel guard to prevent damage during use.


The Velocity Field and Brush Mowers are fitted with a commercial Peerless MST manual transmission to cope with the demands required when working in tough overgrown uneven terrain.


The heavy duty blades offer a 76cm cutting path to clear large overgrown paths, fields and woodland with ease. The 76cm deck is designed to cut and recut for a more thorough mulching effect. Fitted with a heavy duty blade and blade spindle with dual bearings to protect the crankshaft.


The mower deck is capable of pivoting a maximum 12.5% up and 12.5% down to cope with uneven ground and avoid scalping as well as being removable for cleaning and maintenance. Another feature of the deck is the adjustable deck skid rails* which can raise or lower the cutting height to suit conditions.


The Velocity Field and Brush Mowers feature powered steering for easy turning over any terrain. Thanks to the integrated drum wheel brakes, simply pull the left lever to turn left, and the right lever to turn right, with near zero-turn ability.


Each wheel features independent drum brakes which are enclosed to prevent material from entering. The brakes act as part of the power steering system, and also to safely stop the machine, with a switch to engage as a parking brake.


To increase productivity the Velocity Field and Brush Mowers are fitted with an extra large 15L fuel tank, allowing extended mowing times when covering large remote overgrown areas. To ensure reliability we also fitted an oversized high capacity AGM battery.


Featuring large 18” off road wheels with a high traction tread for any conditions, the tyres are filled with a sealant to eliminate punctures when working over harsh terrain.


Engine WEIBANG X700 V-Twin (Loncin)

Displacement 708cc

Power 13kW / 3600rpm

Wheel Size 46cm / 18 inch

Weight 180kg

Dimensions (L x W x H mm) 2200 x 845 x 1215

Vibration 4.5

Warranty (domestic/commercial) 5 Years / 1 Year (Terms Apply)

Drive 3 Speed + Reverse

Cutting Width 76cm / 30 inch

Cutting Height Adjustment 92mm / 128mm / 165mm / 201mm

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