Solvall HandFix 2.5 Liters SVHFX431475

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Solvall HandFix 2.5 Liters

Use this hardworking and efficient hand cleaner daily to remove contaminants and dirt from your hands. It will quickly remove paints, resins, adhesives, grease, oil sealant, filler, ink carbon, dirt and most other contaminants without drying out your hands.

Solvall Handfix is non-toxic, non-flammable and requires no special precautions in its use. Tub comes with a pump for ease of use.

To use Solvall Handfix

Affix the pump to the top of the tub. Dispense a small amount to wet or dry hands. Rub in well. When contaminant has been dissolved rinse off with water.

Solvall HandFix 2.5 Liters

  • Removes stubborn dirt including paint, resin, glue, sealants, filler, ink, oil and grease
  • Easily rinsed off with water
  • Will not clog drainage systems
  • Contains harmless biodegradable abrasives
  • Leaves hands clean and soft
  • Comes with pump
  • Pleasant smell

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