Honda UMC435 Split Shaft

Sale price€719,00


  • Split Shaft Brushcutter Power Unit (Only)
  • 35cc 4 Stroke Engine
  • D-Loop Handle & Barrier Bar
  • Double Strap Harness

Making sure your garden is neat and tidy isn't always easy. That's why we've created the new Versatool brushcutters to take on a variety of domestic and professional tasks all year round.

The two models, UMC425E and UMC435E, come with a choice of two extensions and seven attachments, making them very convenient and versatile for a wide variety of tasks. These include a linecutter, leaf blower, edger, cultivator, pruner and a short and long hedge trimmer.

Our innovative joint locking system has been designed for minimum effort and maximum simplicity. Simply push and click to lock your preferred attachment securely in place. You'll breeze through the work - giving you more time to enjoy your beautifully tendered garden.

Powered by Honda 25cc and 35cc engines, each model brings the benefits of four-stroke technology to garden work, including best in-class noise levels, vibration, emissions, usability and starting; and thanks to not having to mix fuel and oil, they're easier on the pocket, too.

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