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The STIGA Twinclip 55 S-R H BBC self-propelled lawnmower with a 163 cc Honda GXV 160 OHV petrol engine has a net power output of 2.87 kW @ 2800 rpm. It has a rear roller to create a perfectly striped lawn. The hybrid steel and aluminium chassis ensures strength and durability. The special Blade Brake Clutch (BBC) lever on the handle can quickly disengage the innovative double blade without turning off the engine, making it easy to empty the grassbag and move across paths and gravel. The exclusive Extra Collecting (XC) system and the ergonomic One Motion cutting height adjustment system provide ultimate user comfort. This mower has been specially designed for cutting and collecting grass in the large 80 litre collector. The cutting width is 53 cm. The centralised cutting height can be set using a lever to 8 positions ranging from 13 to 65 mm. The convenient triggers on the handle allow it to be easily adjusted and folded.


  • Transmission: Self-drive
  • Engine: Honda GXV160 OHV
  • Displacement: 163cc
  • Cutting Width: 53cm
  • Deck: Steel
  • Height Adjustment: Centralised, 8 Positions 
  • Grassbox: 80L
  • Other: Collects, Rear Discharge 
Blade Brake Clutch

The lever which engages the BBC (Blade Brake Clutch) makes it possible to stop the blade whilst leaving the engine running which is useful when moving the machine in grassless areas, such as driveways, paths and gravel areas.

Grass collector

70 L cloth bag.

Rear roller

This lawnmower is equipped with 455 mm steel roller to create the striped effect.

Centralised adjustment of the cutting height

Thanks to the ergonomic lever located on the wheel, the cutting height can be quickly set to 8 positions, from 13 to 65 mm.

Double blade

Featuring a Twinclip blade with a double-cutting edge that doubles efficiency and optimises grass collection.

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