TengTools SC02 232 Piece Portable Service Flight Style Kit

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Fully portable tool kit supplied in a hard wearing flight case style carrying case complete with suspension wheels, retractable handle and combination lock. The kit includes 9 Teng Tools TC trays plus space for additional tools. Included in the kit are various plier and screwdriver sets as well as drill bits, inspection tools, files, hex keys and ratcheting combination spanners.

3/3 TTMD12D 12 piece double ended screwdriver set
3/3 TTHT28 28 piece hex and TX key set
3/3 TT6508R 8 piece metric ratcheting combination spanner set
2/3 TTDB28 28 piece fully ground drill bit set
2/3 TTNF12 12 piece needle file set
2/3 TTTM03 3 piece inspection tool set
1/3 TTCP121 121 piece crimping plier, terminals and connectors set
1/3 TTMI16 16 piece mini pliers and screwdriver set
1/3 TT440 4 piece Mega Bite plier set

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