Teng 569 Piece Mega Master Industrial Tool Kit TCMMIND08

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A red 569 piece tool kit from Teng Tools. Built-up using the unique, well thought out and highly efficient Teng Tools TC tray system and covering most tools you will need, all with a lifetime warranty. This particular kit has an empty top drawer allowing you to build up your tool kit just as you want it from a choice of 120 pre-filled TT trays to select from.

The tool kit is ideal for auto technicians where the very best of tools is required and where you intend to progressively add to your tool collection. Teng Tools TC trays lock together with dovetail joints and allow you a large amount of personalisation to your tool storage system.  

The Teng Tools 569 piece toolkit is supplied in a TC809N extra wide, 1350mm (53″) 9 drawer roller cabinet and with a wooden top plate. The drawers run smoothly and extend fully so that every tool is equally accessible. If you need to replace an individual tool for any reason (lost, mislaid, lent out or not returned) they are all available individually on this site. Even the drawer runners in the boxes!

A range of options including clip rails, magnetic tool rails, dividers, tool mats and side cabinets further extend the flexibility of this highest quality toolkit. 

Supplied in a Teng Tools TCW809N 8 series 9 drawer roller cabinet with a wooden top plate. Total width is 1350mm and height 937mm.

Teng TCMMIND08 contents:

Drawer 1/9
Empty foam lined
Drawer 2/9
TTXEXT13 13 piece extension set
TT1435 35 piece 1/4” drive regular metric socket set 
TT3819 19 piece 3/8” drive regular metric socket set
TT1217 17 piece 1/2″ drive regular metric socket set
TT1205 5 piece 1/2” drive socket accessories 
Drawer 3/9
TTX474-9 4 piece 9” circlip plier set 
TT440-T 4 piece Mega Bite plier set 
TTVG05 5 piece power grip plier set 
TTDCT05 5 piece cutting tool set 

Drawer 4/9
TTXF05 5 piece 10” file cutting tool set 
TTTX30 30 piece 1/4” & 3/8” drive TX, TPX and TX-E socket set 
TTBS35 35 piece 1/4” & 3/8” drive TX, TPX and TX-E set 
TTTXH15 15 piece 1/2” drive long bits socket set 
TTRS15 15 piece 1/2” drive RIL and spline bits socket set
Drawer 5/9
TTX2640 7 piece AF spanner set 
TTAF32 32 piece 1/4” & 3/8” drive regular and deep socket set 
TT1215AF 15 piece 1/2” drive AF regular socket set 
TT3592 8 piece AF combination spanner set 
TT3816 16 piece 3/8” drive deep metric socket set 
Drawer 6/9
TTX918N 8 piece Mega Drive screwdriver set 
TT917N 7 piece Mega Drive screwdriver set 
TT917TXN 7 piece TX/TPX Mega Drive screwdriver set 
TTMD74 74 piece ratcheting bits driver set 
TTDB28 28 piece drill bits set 1-13mm

Drawer 7/9
TTX2032 7 piece mm combination spanner set 
TT1236 12 piece mm combination spanner set 
TT6508R 8 piece ratcheting combination spanner set 
TT6208 8 piece open ended spanner set
TT474-7 4 piece 7” circlip plier set 
Drawer 8/9
TTX3404 4 piece 3/4” drive socket accessories set 
TTHT28 28 piece hex and TX key set 
TTHEX7 7 piece T handle hex drivers 
TTTX7 7 piece T handle TX/TPX drivers 
TTTM08 8 piece pick up tool set with light 
Drawer 9/9
TTX3414 14 piece 3/4” drive metric socket set 
TT9207 7 piece 1/2” drive impact accessory set 
TT9120D 20 piece 1/2” drive impact regular & deep socket set – DIN standard 
TTID20 20 piece 1/2” drive industrial impact driver set 
TTCM05D 5 piece measuring set

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