Stihl RMI 632 Robotic Lawnmower

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RMI 632.1 robotic lawnmower

This little gem of technology comes straight from the Viking / Stihl workshops in Austria. A steel blade cuts the grass. Unlike many other brands, at the slightest impact of the blade, the blade holder prevents the blow from going further up the circuit. You will just have to change the blade if this inconvenience occurs. This blade costs less than 20 € and is even sharpenable once. All the security features are well thought out: easy-access stop button, bumper whose sensitivity is extremely well adjusted, an integrated remote control connected by a cord and even a certain gap between the hull and the blade (new European standards). Easy and easily accessible cutting height adjustment. Bright LCD display and easy-to-learn user interface.Ergonomic carrying handle.

Technical characteristics

Li-Ion battery type

Lawn area 3.000 m²

Cutting width 28 cm

Autonomy 90 min

Charging time 60 min

Cutting height 20-60 mm

12.1 kg

Battery energy iMow MI 632 130.5 Wh

Mulching blade cutting system

Sound level less than 69 dB (A)

Anti-theft code

Can go on a slope up to 35 °

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