Stihl RE120 PLUS

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Tired of scrubbing stubborn dirt and grime? The STIHL RE 120 PLUS is here to save your back and unleash the shine. This electric pressure washer packs a punch with 125 bar of cleaning power, making it perfect for tackling a variety of tasks around your home and garden:

  • Wash your car like a pro: Blast away dirt, mud, and grime, leaving your car sparkling clean without the sweat.
  • Conquer patios and decks: Restore your outdoor spaces to their former glory by removing moss, algae, and stubborn stains.
  • Deep-clean gutters and siding: Say goodbye to those unsightly black streaks and keep your home looking spick-and-span.
  • Tame the toughest grime: From greasy grills to dirty bikes, the RE 120 PLUS tackles even the most challenging cleaning jobs.

But it's not just about power, it's about ease of use too:

  • Effortless handling: The lightweight design and extendable handle make it a breeze to manoeuvre, even for long cleaning sessions.
  • Built to last: The high-quality aluminium pump and brushless induction motor ensure years of reliable performance.
  • Comfort is key: The soft-grip trigger and long spray lance make cleaning a comfortable experience.
  • Stay organized: The handy storage compartment keeps nozzles and cables neatly tucked away.

Here's what makes the RE 120 PLUS stand out:

  • 9-meter high-pressure hose: Reach those hard-to-get places without dragging the machine around.
  • Adjustable fan jet nozzle: Choose the perfect spray pattern for delicate surfaces or blasting away tough dirt.
  • Rotary nozzle: Effortlessly remove stubborn grime and paint splatters.
  • Dosing spray bottle: Apply cleaning agents precisely for optimal results.

Ready to ditch the elbow grease and let the power do the talking? The STIHL RE 120 PLUS is your answer. Invest in a cleaner, brighter home and garden – order yours today!


Operating Pressure 10-125 bar
Max Pressure 160 l/h bar
Min. water throughput 400 l/h
Max. water throughput 480
Max. water supply temperature 40 °C
Weight, ready for operation 21.2 Kg
Power consumption 2.1 kW
Cable length 5 m
Speed 2850
High-Pressure Hose Length 9 m

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