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30/35CM Bar Supplied - 35.2CC - 2.4HP

Up in the trees, different rules apply. Weight matters, there's no margin for error and the arborist needs a chain saw that's quick, easy to start and gives the performance they expect.

The NEW STIHL MS 201 TCM retains all the familiarity of the leading MS 200 T as well as already meeting EU II emissions limits for 2014. Designed to improve productivity, performance and comfort, this powerful pro arborist saw provides a 15% better cutting performance, 20% improved fuel consumption, 100% longer filter life and a higher power to weight ratio compared to its predecessor.

It also has noticeably lower vibrations, with the right hand figure reducing to 3.1 m/s2. It's a real professional- just like the arborists who it's designed for.

Some features of this saw include, lightweight guide bar, controllable oil pump, side mounted chain tensioning, stihl elasto-start, compensator and tool less fuel caps.

Available in 12 or 14 inch bar lengths.

Displacement 35.2 CC

Power output 2.4 HP

Weight 3.7 KG

Saw chain pitch: 3/8" picco 

Power to weight ratio KG/KW: 2.1

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