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30/35CM Bar Supplied - 30.1CC - 1.3BHP

The compact MS 193T  in tree chainsaw weighs only 7.28 lbs. This Stihl is lightweight with an extra slim design and retractable carry ring which makes climbing a breeze.  Also featured is the quick stop chain brake system, electronic ignition, anti- vibration system. Designed for a long and durable life are the high pressure alloy die castings, heavy duty centrifugal clutches and the Stihl designed cylinders. With most Stihl products made in the United States, It’s no surprise Stihl is the #1 selling brand of hand held gas powered equipment here in the United States as well the #1 selling brand of chain saws in the world.


Master Control Lever- designed for convenience the choke, starting throttle and on/off switch are all located on the one lever.

IntelliCarb - When the filter starts to clog, the compensating carburetor will keep the RPM levels even

Ematic Bar Lubrication System- This system reduces oil intake by an average of 50%, as it delivers the correct lubrication.

Stihl Quick Stop Chain Brake System- This system will stop the chain instantly for safety.

Fuel Tank- The fuel tank is translucent, allowing for quick and easy fueling

Front Handle- Designed for comfort

Front and Rear Guards- designed for safety

Bumper Spikes- Designed to give more control and reduce pull-in

All Position Carburetor- In any and all correct operator positions the all position carburetor will allow the engine to remain running at full power

Wrench and Screwdriver Combo- For convenience this tool is supplied for quick adjustments, also the filters and spark plugs are easily accessible.

Spark Arrester Muffler- This feature is designed to help reduce sparks and level of noise 

Smooth Design- The sleek design prevents any clothing snags and no rough edges