STIHL KOMBI FCS-KM - Lawn edger attachment

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Stihl FCS-KM Straight Shaft Edger Kombi Attachment

The Straight Shaft Edger Attachment is a versatile tool that gives precision to garden edging.
The STIHL KombiSystem straight lawn edger attachment cleans up edges with more power; the open guard design for smoother cutting and less clogging and features a depth control wheel for greater precision.
Ideal or edging along walkways and planting beds. 
Adjustable depth control wheel and built-in blade "sight" helps with making the correct cut.

​Suitable for all loop handle KombiEngines (KM 56 RC-E, KM 90 R, KM 100 R, KM 130 R) and FR 130 T.

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