STIHL HSE52 - Electric hedge trimmer

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If you’re a fan of top-quality German engineering and are looking for convenient, hassle-free way to keep your hedges and shrubs in trim, then the STIHL HSE-52 could well be the machine for you.

Its pleasingly quiet-running 460w electric motor powers a set of high-grade steel blades (50cm) that have been laser-cut and ground using diamond discs; a combination that ensures they’ll stay sharp for longer and provide you with the cleanest possible cut (a rapid 3400rpm stroke-rate further aids cutting-power). The blades’ 23mm tooth-spacing is ideal for medium-diameter twigs and branches.

As with all of STIHL’s handheld power-tools, this model utilises high-specification ergonomics so as to optimise control and manoeuvrability. Its super-lightweight construction (3.1kg) allows for lengthy periods of almost fatigue-free hedgetrimming.

A trigger-lock works with two-handed safety-switching to all but eliminate any chance of accidental injury; while the provision of cable-strain relief prevents unintentional disconnection of the mains-lead.