STIHL HSE42 - Electric hedge trimmer


An extremely lightweight 18 inch electric hedge trimmer.

The HSE 42 is a smooth and efficient hedge trimmer that allows you to cut for long periods, thanks to its low weight and comfortable design.

Powerful performance

As a 420W machine, the HSE 42 has even more power than previous models. Whether you are looking to cut hedges or trim bushes, it's more than a match for the task

Comfortable operation

STIHL's new generation of electric hedge trimmers are designed to operate quietly and with low vibration, meaning you can work for longer without fatigue. Cable strain relief prevents the power cable from becoming accidentally disconnected, and the 10m cable included as standard is plenty for reaching your garden hedges. A small hand guard provides an optimal view of the cutting blades while not compromising on safety, and a mechanical blade brake stops the machine reliably in less than a second.

Superb cutting power

The 18 inch / 45 cm blades on this tool are laser-cut and diamond-ground, making them highly resilient and durable so they remain sharp for a longer period of time. A high stroke rate of up to 3,400 strokes per minute and the fact that the blades are double-sided mean you can rely on the HSE 42 to provide a clean cut.

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