STIHL HSA56 Cordless Hedgetrimmer

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The HSA56 Lithium-Ion compact cordless hedge trimmer is perfectly designed to trim hedges around the garden. The efficient, teardrop shaped blades, pull and trap small branches between the cutting teeth. Coupled with a powerful motor and Lithium-Ion technology, the HSA56's performance is impressive. Thanks to the low noise with cordless technology there is no need to wear ear defenders during use. Weighing in at only 3.7kg with the battery, it is the ideal tool for a variety of users. Whether you are pruning shrubs or tackling hedges the HSA 56 is the perfect choice. Light and simple to use, this hedge trimmer is designed with comfort in mind and thanks to the cordless technology, it is quiet too. The impressive cutting performance will make light work of all those trimming jobs around the garden. Part of the Compact Cordless System, one battery fits a range of products.

Quiet Technology
The STIHL Compact Cordless System tools are so quiet you don't even need to wear ear protection.

Neutral Battery Position
The battery can be inserted into the tool in 2 stages. In the first neutral position, the battery is secured in the tool but does not connect with the contacts, allowing for safe transport. In the second operating position, the battery is completely inserted allowing for full operation of the tool.

Blade Tip Protector
The tip protector comes fitted as standard and makes cutting near the ground or along walls easier, whilst helping to protect the cutters from damage.

Double Sided Cutting Blades
STIHL hedge trimmers with double-sided cutting blades cut both vertically and horizontally.

Hanging Eye
The hedge trimmers can be conveniently hung up on the wall with the hanging eye.

Technical Data
Rated voltage: 36v.
Sound pressure level: 80dB(A).
Sound power level: 91dB(A).
Vibration value, left: 2.7m/s.
Vibration value, right: 2.1m/s.
Cutting length: 45cm.
Tooth spacing: 30mm.
Total length: 94cm.
Weight excluding battery: 2.9kg.

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