STIHL HSA 40 Hedge Trimmer

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The STIHL HSA 40 Cordless Hedgetrimmer is your solution for efficiently trimming small and medium-sized hedges in the garden.

*As required this can be optionally bundled in a set with 2 AS 2 batteries and the AL 1 standard charger.

Additional Details:

The STIHL HSA 40 cordless hedge trimmer is your ideal companion for hedge trimming and garden maintenance in private environments. Lightweight and remarkably quiet, this trimmer features ergonomic design, balanced handling, and a compact construction for effortless use.

Tackle larger jobs swiftly without the need for charging breaks. The electric motor, intelligent battery power management, and precision-cut, diamond-ground, hardened knives ensure high cutting performance. The two-hand switch ensures easy and comfortable operation, starting with a simultaneous press on the bow handle and rear handle switches, both equipped with soft grip surfaces for excellent handling in all directions.

For added protection during ground-level work or near walls, the HSA 40 features a screw-on guide guard to shield the cutting blades. The rear handle includes a practical hanging loop for safe and space-saving storage. With a cutting length of 50 cm, the HSA 40 cordless hedge trimmer delivers efficient and precise results. Refer to STIHL's battery runtime and charging time overview to plan your work sessions effectively. Experience the convenience and performance of the HSA 40 for a well-maintained garden.

*Purchase the set which includes the HSA 40 trimmer, 2 STIHL AS 2 lithium-ion batteries, and the STIHL AL 1 standard charger. With the inclusion of two replaceable batteries, the HSA 40 offers exceptional flexibility in hedge and shrub care.

Technical Specifications:

  • Cutting length: 50cm
  • Nominal voltage: 10V
  • Weight: 2.1kg
  • Sound pressure level: 80 dB(A) 1 )
  • Sound pressure level : (norm 2022) 82dB(A)
  • Sound power level: 90 dB(A) 1 )
  • Vibration value: left/right 1.9/1.4 m/s² 2 )
  • Overall length: 94cm
  • Number of strokes: 2800 rpm (UM)
  • Tooth spacing: 24mm
  • Recommended battery: AS2
  • Battery life: up to 66 minutes 3 )
  • Battery system: AS

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