STIHL HSA 130 T- 24" & 30" Hedge Trimmer (body only)

Size: 24"
Sale price€650,00


  • For Battery Backpack / AP carrying system
  • The STIHL HSA 130 T Cordless Hedge Trimmer is designed to provide precise cuts for trimming hedges. This cordless hedge trimmer is equipped to offer accuracy and efficiency in hedge maintenance tasks, making it an ideal tool for achieving well-groomed hedges in your garden or landscape.

    * available to checkout below in both 24" and 30" models

    The powerful STIHL HSA 130 T hedge trimmer is a valuable tool for professional garden and landscape maintenance, as well as municipal applications. Its double-sided sharpened knife in the trimming cut variant ensures precise cuts when trimming bushes and hedges. The cutting blades operate at high blade speed, ensuring clean cuts on leaves and twigs. The number of strokes can be adjusted in three stages, ranging from 4,400 strokes/minute to 5,000 strokes/minute, on the rotatable multifunctional handle, and it remains constant even under high loads.

    The HSA 130 T is a robust and very powerful cordless hedge trimmer that operates quietly with lithium-ion batteries from the STIHL AP system. This allows for trimming in noise-sensitive areas. The rotatable multifunctional handle can be adjusted 90° to the right or left, ensuring an ergonomically favorable working position for every cut in different directions. To facilitate effortless use in any working direction, the trimmer also features a bow handle. The screwed-on cutting and guide guards enhance safety and protect the cutting set.

    Energy transfer from the battery is flexible, allowing the use of the STIHL AP belt bag with a connecting cable, the STIHL carrying system, or the STIHL AR 2000 backpack battery. The charge status display provides quick insight into the current battery charge status. The STIHL HSA 130 T cordless hedge trimmer is available in two cutting lengths of 60 cm and 75 cm.

    Refer to STIHL's overview of battery runtimes and charging times for details on how long you can work with your HSA 130 T cordless hedge trimmer and the charging duration of the battery used.

    All cordless tools within the STIHL AP system are designed for professional applications and daily use, even under adverse weather conditions. They undergo rigorous testing for splash water protection, validated through demanding internal tests based, in part, on the IPX4 standard.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Cutting length: 60-75cm
    • Nominal voltage: 36V
    • Weight :4.1-4.4kg
    • Sound pressure level: 83-84 dB(A) 1 )
    • Sound pressure level: (norm 2022) 86-87dB(A)
    • Sound power level: 94-95 dB(A) 1 )
    • Vibration value left/right: 3.5-3.6/2.7-2.8 m/s² 2 )
    • Overall length :117-132cm
    • Number of strokes: 2800 rpm (UM)
    • Tooth spacing: 38mm
    • Recommended battery: AP300
    • Battery life with AP 100 up to 54 minutes 3 )
    • Battery life with AP 200 up to 108 minutes 3 )
    • Battery life with AP 300 up to 135 minutes 3 )
    • Battery life with AP 300 S up to 167/up to 130 min 4 )
    • Battery life with AR 2000 up to 550 minutes 3 )
    • Battery life with AR 2000 L up to 690 min 3 )
    • Battery life with AR 3000 up to 700 min 3 )
    • Battery life with AR 3000 L up to 985 min 3 )
    • Battery life with AR 1000 up to 380 minutes 3 )


    1 ) K value according to RL 2006/42/EC = 2.0 dB(A)2 ) K value according to RL 2006/42/EC = 2 m/s² 3 ) Running times are guide values and can vary depending on the application. 4 ) Level 1/Level 2/Level 3


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