STIHL HS82T - 30"

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A professional hedge trimmer ideal for fine shaping of hedges.

STIHL's HS 28 T hedge trimmer is a professional-standard tool with excellent cutting performance and a range of features to make using it more comfortable.

Powerful & efficient

With a 2-MIX STIHL engine specifically designed for the new generation of hedge trimmers on board, low fuel consumption and reduced emissions combine with high power for excellent overall performance. Looking after your engine is also made simple, thanks to tool-free filler caps for fuel and oil, which can be opened and closed quickly and easily, and a long-life air filter system, to ensure longer cleaning intervals and better protection of the engine.

A superb cut

This is the HS 28 variant built for fine trimming and shaping of hedges and shrubs. With smaller tooth spacing and lower tooth height, as well as gearing for a high stroke rate, more specific shapes can be achieved when crafting spectacular formal hedges. This model has a 30 inch / 75 cm blade, sharpened on both sides to ensure a job well done.

Effortless operation

Anti-vibration technology ensures vibrations at the handles are reduced, which means you can work for longer without fatigue. The choke, start gas, operating position and stop function are all integrated onto one operating element, allowing easy access and comfortable use. The handle can be rotated 90 degrees to the left and right, providing the best cutting position at all times.  With anelectronic ignition module, reliable starting and trouble-free running are also assured.

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