STIHL HL92KC-E - 145 degree - Long Reach Hedge Trimmer (short)

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A great tool for tackling particularly wide, tall or long hedges.

STIHL's HL 92 KC-E features a short shaft, making it easier to handle, while still being an exceptionally versatile machine.

Top-quality cutting from this hedge trimmer

With its double reciprocating 50 cm blades, STIHL's HL 92 KC-E can handle thick and tough sections of hedge, maintaining accurate and powerful cutting performance. You can also adjust the cutter bar to 145 degrees in both directions, for excellent versatility. As the short-shaft version, this model is easier to handle, but still has an impressive total length of 189 cm.

Intelligent & innovative engine technology

Providing better fuel consumption, higher power and making the machine easier to start, the HL 92 KC-E benefits from STIHL's 2-MIX engine technology. On top of this, the ErgoStart system ensures starting takes less effort, with less force needed to pull the starter cord. A manual fuel pumpminimises the starting stokes to get up and running after periods of inactivity.

A comfortable machine to work with

Using STIHL's ECOSPEED technology, you are able to fine tune the power of the hedge trimmer's engine to maximise fuel consumption and suit the job at hand. This also means you can lower the machine's noise when working in sensitive areas, so gives excellent flexibility.

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