Stihl AL 301-4 Multi Charger- upto 4 AP or AR batteries

Sale price€489,00


•Charges up to four batteries of the AP-System sequentially 
•Mounting option for wall or shelf
•Can be mechanicaly integrated into a vehicle 
•Energy supply for charging in the vehicle via a 220V / 120V external feed
Input Voltage  [V] 220 - 240, 100 - 127
Charging current  [A] 6.5
Weight  [kg] 4.5
Sequentially charging  Charges up to four batteries of the AP-System 
Stackable  Compact storage due to simple stacking on top of each other  
Wall or shelf mounting  Improvement of the organisation in every workshop  
Vehicel integration  Reduction of set-up times by leaving the batteries and charger in the vehicle.

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