STIGA Push Sweeper SWP475

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The Stiga Sweeper is a handpropelled outdoor sweeper with 2 rotating 41cm rotating brushes and a 50L waster container. It can pick up dust, dirt and debris such as leaves, paper, and cans and can be used on hard and concrete surfaces including driveways, pathways & other areas upto 2900m2. The sweeper is ideal for moderately challenging tasks thanks to 2 counter-rotating brushes (410mm in diametre) which can be adjusted to 8 different height settings, a large brush on the underside as well as 250mm rubber wheels for enhanced traction. 

The sweeper is comfortable to use, lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. It is perfect for general clearing and cleaning work in residential and public areas. 

  • SWP 475 Push Sweeper
  • Working Width: 75cm Push
  • Height Adjustment: 8 Step
  • Capacity: 50L Plastic Collector
  • Brush Diameter: 41cm
  • Handlebar: Flat Handlebar
  • Wheels: 250mm, Plastic & Rubber
  • Gross Weight: 13.5kg


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