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  • Transmission: Self-drive
  • Engine: STIGA ST45 OHV
  • Cutting Width: 50cm
  • Deck: Galvanised Steel
  • Height Adjustment: Centralized, 5 Positions
  • Other: Angle Adjustable Handle

The Stiga Multiclip Plus 50S self-propelled lawnmower is equipped with an easy start Stiga ST45 OHV 140cc engine and the unique Stiga anti-vibration system, which reduces the risk of White Finger or HAVS at the end of a full days work. This model has an adjustable handle enabling you to reach into those awkward spots, cut alongside walls or around obstacles. The robust galvanised steel body has a powder coated paint finish for longevity and the wheels are fitted with ball bearings for smoother running.

There is no need for a collector, because the clippings are finely cut and return valuable nutrients to the lawn. Mulching is the easiest way to cut your grass and the innovative blade and deck design also makes the lawnmower quieter. The Stiga multiclip system cuts and recuts the grass into tiny pieces that simply wilt away, returning valuable nutrients to the soil to encourage beautiful green growth. No need to rake or empty a collector means you can cut the grass about 30% faster compared to a collecting mower and reduce the use of artificial fertilisers, all while maintaining a high standard of finish.

The Multiclip Plus 50S is equipped with 5 heights of cut ranging from 31-75mm easily adjusted by a single lever, you'll be assured of a smart professional finish to your lawn.