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Stiga Multiclip 47Q 18" push Lawnmower

- High-quality 139 cc petrol-powered STIGA engine

-Hand-propelled, for a precise cut, also close to edges

-Equipped with patented Multiclip mulching blade

-Centrally-adjusted cutting height, 30 to 80 mm.

-Ergonomic, soft-grip handle

-Robust and resistant steel cutting deck

-Suitable for lawns up to 1500m2

-Aluminium chassis

- STIGA Multiclip patented blade

- Side-discharge available

The hand-propelled STIGA Multiclip 47 Q lawnmower features a 45 cm cutting width and side discharge option, that make it suitable to take care of lawns up to 1500 m2.

The STIGA Multiclip 47Q patented blade has been specifically designed for mulching, a technique that finely shreds grass cuttings and deposits them back on the turf as a organic lawn fertilizer, helping you to save up to 30% of your time, not having to empty the grassbag.

The reliable, high-quality 139 cc petrol-powered STIGA engine ensures maximum performance, even for the most demanding working sessions.

Comfort is guaranteed by a foldable, ergonomic and soft-grip handle and by the central lever, that allows you to adjust cutting height with just one hand.

You can choose up to 5 cutting positions, between 31 and 80 mm.

In case your grass has grown too long, you can switch to side discharge cutting and get quickly rid of it.

The robust and resistant steel cutting deck ensures resistance and reliability through time.

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