STIGA Front Deck Mower VILLA14HST

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The Stiga Villa 14 HST front deck rider is designed for the small to medium garden. Powered by a Briggs & Stratton PowerBuilt 3130 344cc single cylinder engine, it comes with hydrostatic transmission which allows for easier control in obstructed areas. In simple terms using it is similar to driving an automatic car; the more pressure you put on the foot pedal the faster you will travel, releasing the foot pedal will slow you down, allowing you to remain in complete control at all times. The hydrostatic transmission,  combined with its light and precise rear wheel steering system, makes the Stiga Villa 14 HST front deck rider a user friendly and maneuverable while the adjustable seat provides the driver with optimum comfort.

Equipped with a rigid chassis and 95cm Multiclip Combi deck, it leaves no clippings to dispose of, saving you time, money and effort. Engaging the cutting deck couldn’t be easier with its manual blade engagement.  It has ten preset cutting heights which are selected by using the lever located on the side of the deck.

The Stiga Villa 14 HST front deck rider is also an extremely versatile machine. Its Multiclip system recycles grass clippings, turning the grass into fertilizer for your lawn, while its rear discharge option deposits the grass behind the rider. This is an appropriate alternative to employ when the grass is long.

  • Transmission: Hydrostatic - 2WD
  • Engine: B&S P.B. 3130 AVS
  • Displacement: 344cc
  • Cutting Width: 95cm
  • Deck: Combi Manual 
  • Height Adjustment: Manual 
  • Steering: Rear Wheel
  • Chassis: Solid, Rigid
  • Other: RAC Quick Connection

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