Stiga Estate 7102 HWS Garden Tractor

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  • 40 inch Cutting deck
  • 603cc Kawasaki FS 600 V-Twin
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • 320 litre collection bag
  • Easy empty grass box
  • Twin cutting blades
  • Mulch plug included
  • Tow hitch included
  • Battery charger included


A high-performance multi-purpose garden-tractor, the Stiga Estate 7102 HWS is suitable for heavy-duty towing- and mowing-applications over very large areas.

Under the cowling is a Kawasaki FS600V engine that combines a V-Twin design with overhead-valves to minimise noise and vibration; and which offers electric key start for headache-free ignition at each time of asking.

Cast-iron cylinder-liners work to optimise compression for improved fuel-economy; while a powerful lubrication system and a dual-element air-filter confer superior durability.

The Stiga Estate 7102 HWS Garden Tractor is supplied with a 102cm-wide Multiclip cutter-deck that can either mulch-clippings or send them to a cavernous 320-litre bag, thereby ensuring it can handle a range of differing grass-conditions.

It’s equipped with hydrostatic speed-control, so you’ll be able to speed-up and slow-down intuitively, much as you would with an automatic-drive car; and it features a six-LED dashboard display that means you can keep an eye on the tractor’s status as you work.

Thanks to its seven-stage adjustable height-of-cut (30-90mm), the Stiga Estate 7102 HWS can cope with both fine lawns and rough paddock-grass; and can be set-up to create the finish you’re looking for.

A tow-bar ensures you’ll be able to make the most of your purchase outside the growing-season; while twin-headlights facilitate safe operation in murky conditions.

Other quality features include a handy ‘collector full’ alarm; and a safety-enhancing parking-brake.