Star Tron Ethanol Shield, Enzyme Fuel Treatment 237ml (2 Cap fulls per 4 Litres)

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  • UNLEASH YOUR ENGINE'S FULL POTENTIAL - Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment uses advanced enzyme technology to ensure all engines start easily and run smoothly, even after months of inactivity
  • SAY GOODBYE TO ETHANOL-RELATED PROBLEMS - Prevents and cures most ethanol-related issues, including poor performance, rough idling, & decreased fuel economy, giving you peace of mind
  • MAXIMIZE FUEL ECONOMY - By removing and preventing gum, carbon deposits, and varnish build-up, Star Tron keeps your fuel delivery system clean, resulting in improved fuel economy
  • WORKS FOR ALL ENGINES AND FUEL TYPES - Whether you have a car, boat, RV, or lawn mower, Star Tron works in all engines and all fuels, making it the ideal fuel treatment and stabilizer for any vehicle
  • REDUCE EMISSIONS & SAVE MONEY - Star Tron reduces smoke and emissions which are a symptom of poor combustion which wastes gas and is harmful to our health & planet
  • REVITALIZE OLD FUEL - Star Tron stabilizes fuel up to 2 years and can even help rejuvenate old, sub-spec fuel

Initial Dosage: Add 20 ml for every 20 L of petrol

Always add Star Tron just before each fuel fillup. Remove cap and pour the prescribed amount into tank. Overdosing is not harmful

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