EGO STA1500 Multi-Tool Line Strimmer

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A line trimmer is a staple tool for your garden, providing you with more flexibility to strim your lawn in places which may be hard to reach with a mower. This line trimmer attachment is supplied with a 2.4mm dual line which feeds into our Rapid Reload head. The rapid reload head allows you to wind fresh line onto the head without dismantling, saving time and getting back to work faster.

A 38cm cutting width will help you to get the job done quicker, and the attached guard will help to keep any flying debris confined to the area of work. At 1.6kg, it’s lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, so whether your using it to trim up in places your mower can’t reach, or using it for some quick edging, it won’t put you under much strain.

This line trimmer attachment is just one tool of many which can be coupled with our PH1400E multi-tool power head. You can easily tackle any garden task with the multitude of options available, and being battery powered means you can tidy your environment, whilst looking after our environment.

Weight: 1.6kg
Total Length: 97cm
Run Time:
2.5Ah Up to 18 mins
4.0Ah Up to 35 mins
5.0Ah Up to 45 mins
7.5Ah Up to 72 mins
10.0Ah Up to 93 mins
Cutting Width: 38cm
Line Diameter Supplied: 2.4mm Dual Line
Cutting Head: Rapid Reload Trimmer Head
Shaft Type: Straight

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