Soldering & Brazing Gas Torch & Mapp Gas Kit SKU JEFGASTORCHKIT

Sale price$99.00


• Push-button, piezo self-igniting system
• 360° swivel flametube design
• Compatible with Propane, Mapp® Mapp/Pro™ gases & MT-1 & PT-1 fuel containers
• Brass tip, built-in gas regulator & safety trigger lock
• Soldering Capacity: 19-102mm
• Brazing Capacity: 6-32mm
• Propane (JEFGASPRO0400)
• Soft solder: 19mm - 76mm
• Brazing: 6mm - 19mm
• Soft solder: 19mm - 102mm
• Brazing: 6mm - 32mm

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