SKIL 7615AB Beltsander 710W

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SKIL 7615AB Beltsander 710W + 1 sanding belt + equalizer frame + vac. adapter

Product advantages Soft grip for comfort during long-term work Easy replacement of the Clic belt without the need to disassemble the sanding frame Built-in suction system and efficient dust filtering system ensure a cleaner workplace Large lock button on the top for continuous operation Easy to install Equalizer sanding frame prevents scratches and allows you to perfectly level the surface Includes an adapter for connecting a vacuum cleaner Automatic belt control (ABC) function prevents the sanding belt from slipping from the tool LED "Overload Alert" ensures optimal performance and tool life,allows him to do all the work High belt speed ensures efficient material removal Ergonomic design with a small size for a secure grip when working with both hands Included as standard SKIL 7615 belt sander Equalizer sanding frame Sanding belt (1) Dust container with microfiltration adapter Vacuum cleaner adapter Manual: 710 Technical data W Belt size: 76 x 457 mm Sanding surface: 76 x 133 mm Belt speed: 330 m / min

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