Rolly John Deere 7930 – Pump Tyres and gears

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This is a top of the range John Deere tractor with proper pneumatic air tyres, for a faster, smoother ride and better traction. It also has 2 gears and a brake, a working front loader with a tipping digger bucket, which can be locked up in the raised position. The bonnet opens for the enjoyment of young mechanics. It has a 3-position adjustable seat to accommodate growing legs! Suitable from Ages 3 to 8.

The wheels have an outer band for a quieter ride and the tractor is driven by a covered integral chain drive.

The tractor is blow moulded for extra strength and durability and the axle is 10-12mm thick.

Made of strong plastic with metal parts this is a great quality ride-on tractor.

Approx size: 146 x 53 x 77 cm

    • Age: 3 - 8 years
    • incl. rollyTrac Loader
    • front loader easily to be attached
    • front loader easily removable
    • pneumatic wheels
    • two gears
    • freewheel
    • hand brake
    • adjustable seat
    • rollover bar
    • the hood can be opened
    • storage place under the hood
    • front weight
    • front- and rear coupling
    • optimized turning circle by stub axle steering
    • adjustable chain tension
    • protected chain drive
    • sturdy steering rod
  • functional accessories can be added

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