Rocwood Log Horse With Chainsaw Holder 01506

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Rocwood Log Horse With Chainsaw Holder

  • Rocwood’s Log Sawhorse is designed with a sheath to guard your chainsaw which not only improves safety but also enables you to speed up the cutting process.
  • Using the Rocwood Log Horse is as simple as placing your chainsaw in the sheath and then sliding the wood along the ‘V’ shaped groove.
  • The Chainsaw’s weight is held by the horse while it guards the blade, thus allowing you to cut logs for longer periods of time by lowering fatigue.
  • The guard also prevents kickback as the chainsaw is clamped to the saw horse.
  • This horse also has an adjustable measuring bar which allows you to cut a log the same length every time and cutting precise lengths of log.
  • The Rocwood Log horse is built using galvanised steel which makes it extremely sturdy and long lasting. It is designed to be folded away for easy storage and transportation.

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