Universal Weed Brush

Size: 175mm
Sale price€40,00


Fits all brushcutters from 25 ccm with blade mounting.

Made of high-quality aluminum.

Easy assembly. Once assembled, the nylon lines can be replaced w/o disassembly.


Remove weeds in an ecological and environmentally friendly way.

∙ Ecological solution without chemicals.

∙ Eco-sensitive product.

∙ Ideal for removal of moss and weeds on paved surfaces, curbs etc.



Scope of supply:

∙ Incl. nylon lines

∙ One set of washers and spacer washers
(one of each 20x25.4x2 mm / 8.5x35x3 mm / 10.5x35x3 mm / 12.5x35x3 mm)

∙ One locking pin D = 6 mm

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