PSA1000 Multi-Tool Polesaw

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The EGO multi-tool 10-inch pole saw attachment is designed to enable the user to prune branches without the use of a ladder, reducing risk from your day-to-day work. Keep your fruit trees neat and tidy with the 25cm bar length which works in tandem with the 15m/s chain speed, there is no sacrifice on torque, to power through branches with ease.

A 220ml auto-lubricating oil tank is mounted to the pole saw which will keep the chain performing freely, and the bar and chain can be replaced by AG100 (Bar) and AC100 (Chain).

Being an EGO product, you can expect low vibrations and less noise, making our tools safer for your health, and for the environment. Our products are also lightweight and balanced to give the user a better experience. Our multi-tool can be used with a single or double shoulder harness to enable maximum comfort.

Weight: 1.9kg
Total Length: 142cm
Run Time: 
2.5Ah Up to 70 cuts
4.0Ah Up to 110 cuts
5.0Ah Up to 140 cuts
7.5Ah Up to 210 cuts
10.0Ah Up to 285 cuts
Guide Bar Length: 25cm
Chain Pitch/Gauge: 9.5mm, 1.1mm
Max. Cutting Diameter: 200mm
Oil Tank Capacity: 220ml
Bar Length: 25cm
Chain Speed: 15m/s

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