Proplus 20in Petrol Chainsaw 50cc

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  • Includes safety shield, earplugs, fuel mixing bottle and work gloves
  • 50cc 2 stroke easy start engine
  • Walbro carburettor and oregon chain for a high quality cut
  • Lightweight and portable chainsaw
  • Easy to use and to store


ProPlus 20 inch is a petrol chainsaw which weighs 6.8kg. The 50cc 2 stroke easy start engine can help keep your garden tidy and trimmed. Included is a 20inch safety shield, earplugs, fuel mixing bottle and work gloves. Chainsaws are extremely powerful machines. It is important to keep the chain lubricated at all times around the bar. It's very important that you check the oil level every time you use the saw. If the chain doesn't carry enough oil, it will result in the rails and grooves of the bar wearing much quicker than usual. A poorly lubricated chain will cause an uneven cut, which can be more difficult to control and may result in a serious accident. When you are storing the chainsaw for an extensive period of time it is important to store it away properly. Start by draining the fuel tank of leftover petrol and oil mixture. Leaving any petrol or oil in the saw over a prolonged period of time can damage the fuel delivery system. A chainsaw is very useful but it is important that you know how to take care of the equipment to properly protect yourself and your investment. Always wear the appropriate clothing and safety shield when your are using this machine.

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