Power tools - Kids Toy Hedge trimmer

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  • Age: 3+ years
  • All children often like to pretend they're all grown up by looking at their parents and imitating their behaviour. We firmly believe that children like to help the adults with spring and autumn household chores. It seems like a good idea to provide them with tools that will allow them to participate more in these chores. A toy tool is certainly a good way to do that! It will help them explore an develop their abilities and skills. Not only that, it will guarantee an incredible, memorable fun.

    This toy looks very much like its real life equivalent. Red design is combined with black and gray-silvery elements and a POWER writing on the casing. The toy is rather large but it is comfortable to use thanks to its nice, profiled handle, a perfect fit for a small child's hand. 

    The toy is powered by three AA 1.5V batteries, not supplied in the set. After pressing the button under the handle, the toy will start making noises imitating a blade of a real hedge trimmer moving up and down. It's worth mentioning that despite its realistic design, the toy doesn't have any sharp elements or edges - it is very safe to use. Hedge trimmer will be a great toy for every little boy, who likes to act like adults by using "grown-up" tools. The toy will ensure the safety of your child when they're helping their dad during the household chores. Toy hedge trimmer is a great way of learning the basic knowledge of household tools. The child will be thrilled to learn more about the unknown world!

    This toy hedge trimmer has been made with the attention to every little detail. It's been made out of high quality material. It has a CE conformity certificate. The toy is packed in an aesthetic box with an opened window. Manufacturer recommended age: above 3 years.

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