Pellenc CHARGER 3.3 A

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The cells are then charged simultaneously, and thanks to the Balance System integrated into the electronic battery programme,

they are perfectly balanced. They receive an equivalent charge in order to restore the maximum amount of energy throughout their long service life. When the battery is completely discharged, the charger stops automatically.

CHARGERS* 250 260 ALPHA 520 ALPHA 750 1200 1500
1.2 A max. standard charger 6 h 15 h 30 min 24 h 30 h
2.2 A max. standard charger 3 h 30 min 3 h 45 min 6 h 30 min 9 h 15 h 18 h
3.3 A max. standard charger 2 h 45 min 4 h 30 min 5 h 10 h 12 h

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