OSA1000 Olive Shaker Attachment

Sale price€369,00


Harvesting olives has never been easier (or more satisfying!) If you own a handful of olive trees, you can reap your fruit quickly, and practically. Equipped with a light but sturdy carbon fibre rod, the OSA1000 olive shaker attachment is strong and flexible, and working at 1780-2120 strokes per minute, it harvests olives, berries, cherries and even almonds with aplomb.

There are 5 shaker sticks on each side of the device which work in tandem to tease the fruit off the branches. It has a reach of 140cm, so you can cover the higher branches to ensure you can pick a high yield of your crop. The working range of the olive shaker attachment is 33-53cm, providing you with a wide enough span to tackle the job in hand branch by branch.

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