Oleo Mac WP300 water pump

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Compact, lightweight and dependable water pump with a work cycle of 1 hour on a full tank. Ideal for building work or watering gardens and small plantations.


Product Features

 Guarantees low noise levels and minimum vibration thanks to the new lower speed engine configuration. Quick and easy start under any conditions is assured by the primer and new digital coil.

  • New throttle and one and off switch operated by means of a convenient selector located on the top of the machine body.
  • Ensures low fuel consumption (approx 15% less than equivalent models with euro 1 engine).
  • Heat treated drive shaft, guaranteed rust proof, float type carburettor, two-stage air filter, chrome cylinder, forged steel drive shaft and connecting rod forgiato (SA 30 TLA, SA 45 TL).


Technical Data 

Displacement 1.3HP - 1.00KW / 30cc
Weight 5.5 Kg
Oil/ fuel tank capacity 0.83L
Oil/ fuel tank capacity 0.83L
Pump Centrifugal

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