Oleo-Mac BCH250D-PU - combi engine (unit only)

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Designed for demanding private users and professional green maintenance experts faced with a large range of
different requirements, in highly demanding environments. Ideal for cutting grass, pruning hedges, trimming
bushes and clearing leaves and debris. The most compact and lightweight machine in its class, but powerful,
reliable and practical thanks to the “no-tools” quick fit system that allows it to be used for a range of different

Product Features

  • Power/Displacement: 1.2HP - 0.9KW / 25.4cm3
  • Tube diameter: 26 mm
  • Grip: Single
  • Clutch: 54 mm
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.64 L
Displacement 1.2HP - 0.9KW / 25.4cm3
Weight 4.9 Kg
Tube diameter 26mm
Grip loop
Fuel tank capacity 0.64L

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