OLEO MAC Battery-powered chainsaw GSi 30

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Bar length
30 cm, 12"
Runtime up to
160 cuts
Motor type
40 V
Compatible batteries
Bi 5,0 OM
Bar type
Oregon, sprocket-nose
Chain (pitch x gauge)
Chain speed
16 m/s
Oil Pump
automatic, zero oil flow with engine stopped
Oil reservoir capacity
0.2 L
Chain tensioner
tool-free, knob system
Charging time with CRG
220' (5.0 Ah)
Charging time with FAST CRG
70' (5.0 Ah)
Dry weight without battery, bar and chain
2.8 kg


Cut of wood section up to 10 cm diameter. Working time can be subject to variations according to working conditions and type of wood to be cut

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