MY BUDDY ROLLER Elephant or Panda

Size: Elephant
Sale price$49.00


The little ones can get started as early as 10 months old on the Rocker mode, where they can learn balance and strengthen their core, rocking back and forth. The extra grippy texture in the base encourages the correct placement of feet, while the My Buddy Wheels’ careful design prevents any dangers such as tip-overs.

On the Roller mode, the wide base keeps your child steady as they push themselves along on our adorable buddies. The child friendly steering allows them to ride around the house, intuitively propelling themselves with their feet. The 360° castor wheels allow for movements in any direction, building balance and coordination. Specifically designed for indoor use, the soft wheels provide benefits such as noise reduction and floor protection.

To change between modes, simply remove or add the wheels in the bottom of the base. The My Buddy Wheels Rock and Rollers body is also ergonomic and lightweight, making it easy to transport and move around.

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