Maruyama BCV5020 50cc Semi Clearing Saw Brushcutter Strimmer

Sale price€999,00


Maruyama BCV5020 Semi Clearing Saw Brushcutter 50cc

-Engine Model: 50cc Maruyama

-Handle: Bull Horn

-Shaft: Straight

If you are after a professional brush cutter, then look no further than the Maruyama BCV5020 which features an anti-vibration driveshaft with oversized volumetric dampers, to ensure a low vibration.

The Maruyama BCV 5020 has an all new gear case with a revised up-sized gear wheel, provides more durability and resistance for more demanding jobs.

The Maruyama BCV5020 uses oversized volumetric anti-vibration dampers that reduce overall vibration during operation.

The Maruyama NE500 engine is engineered with high compression ration resulting in higher torque and power.

The harness provides full support for less fatigue and comfortable operation and has a utility pouch on the left hand side for loose or important items.

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