Maruyama BC3021H-RS 30cc Bull Horn Straight Shaft Reverse Start Euro II Strimmer

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  • Maruyama BC3021H-RS
  • Engine Model: CER300
  • Engine capacity 30.1cc
  • Handle type: Bull Horn
  • Fuel tank capacity 0.6L
  • Weight: 6.1kg

With a powerful and efficient CER engine and a 30cc engine capacity, the Maruyama BC 3021H-RS also offers an ergonomic handle design for superior comfort and excellent balance.

The Maruyama BC 3021 H-RS features a high efficiency re-circulatory engine to provide greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions, and a threaded clutch shaft to reduce vibration and create a smoother power transfer which increases lifespan of parts.

The Maruyama BC3021H-RS features Reverse start 2 system and a Horn handle.

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