Maruyama TPP2630 26cc Telescopic Pole Pruner 8ft - 12ft

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The Maruyama TPP2630 has a high performance, low weight and excellent balance. The Maruyama pruner is ideal for pruning and dissecting diseased or undesired stems and branches. Even under difficult conditions, you can safely and reliably work trees from the ground. Due to the telescopic shaft, the pruner can be extended to a total length of 3.35 m. 

If the height of the operator is added here, working heights of up to 5 m are possible with the TPP2630. 

Therefore, the pruner is the right tool for both hobby gardeners, land owners and professional tree care. For a comfortable working, a shoulder strap is included.

  • powerful engine
  • Telescope from 2.15 to 3.35m
  • Only 6.5kg weight
  • 10 "Sword (25.4cm)
  • including shoulder strap

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