Makita EY401MP Chain Pole Saw Attachment

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Makita Pole Chainsaw Attachment For DUX/UX/EX Multi-Tools | 255mm Bar | EY401MP

This fits straight on to the DUX18/60 cordless garden multi-tool or the petrol EX2650. It allows you to use the machine as a pole chainsaw for cutting large diameter branches. The attachment has a gearbox with a durable magnesium gearbox which keeps the weight down. The head also incorporates an adjustable automatic chain oiler and 40 minute capacity oil tank.

  • Fits the DUX60, DUX18, UX01 and EX2650.
  • Adjustable automatic chain oiler.
  • Lightweight magnesium gearbox case.
  • 255mm long bar.

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