Makita DK0056Z1 Grinder Twin Pack 240 Volt DK0056Z1/2

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Makita DK0056Z1 Grinder Twin Pack 240V DK0056Z1/2

DK0056Z1 Grinder Twin Pack

240 Volt Versions

The Makita DK0056Z1 Grinder Twin Pack, contains the following:

1 x 230mm GA9050 Angle Grinder has a compact and lightweight design which has been achieved due to its compact and lightweight motor, down-sized gear housing and main handle. It has a large trigger switch for ease of use.

Input Power: 2,000W
No Load Speed: 6,600/min.
Disc Size: 230 x 22mm bore
Spindle Size: M14 x 2mm
Weight: 4.7kg

1 x 720 Watt GA4530 115mm Slim Body Angle Grinder has a slim barrel grip design with a diameter of 179mm, that fits any user's palm and fingers perfectly. It provides easy and comfortable handling while minimising hand fatigue and pain. The side grip is angled at 20° for manoeuvrability and the best performance. It has built in dust protection with dust proof ball bearings, the motor field is coated with protective powder varnish. Two labyrinth rings seal the bearings and machine bevelled gears from dust and dirt.

Input Power: 720W
No Load Speed: 11,000/min.
Wheel: 115 x 22.23mm Bore
Weight: 1.8kg

Makita DK0056Z1 Grinder Twin Pack 240 Volt Version.

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