Jefferson Tread Plate Style Automatic Welding Helmet JEFWELHT5TP

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Advanced Jefferson Clearweld: Automatic darkening filter (ADF) significantly reduces ARC glare during welding processes. External 9-13 DIN shade, delay & sensitivity controls. Powered by solar cells, with built-in Lithium battery.

  • Viewing area: 98mm x 55mm
  • Switching tIme: light to dark: 1/20000s (0.0005s)
  • Dark to light: 0.3s - 0.9s
  • Light state: DIN shade 4
  • Impact resistant shell with tread plate wrap finish
  • Operating temperature: -5°C to + 55°C (23°F to 131°F)
  • Cartridge size: 110 x 90 x 9mm
  • Function modes: welding & grinding
  • Impact resistant polymide nylon
  • Net Weight: 470g

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