Jefferson 25m 110V Industrial Cable Lead

Sale price€85,00



These Industrial Cable Reels feature an impact resistant spool for outstanding durability. With a thermal cutout fitted as standard you will never have to worry about the reel overheating, this in turn is added protection for your own tools that draw power from the reel.

Industrial aluminium frame for outstanding durability.  Complete with handy cable clip for neat and tidy storage.  Fitted with reel-lock screw to keep from unwinding.  Fitted with thermal cutout as standard Durable, easy to use winding handle, Easy grip handle.

Insulation Class: IP44

  • Output (V): 110V
  • Input (Amps): 16A
  • Cable Length: 25M
  • No. Of Sockets: 2
  • Capacity Wound: 660W
  • Capacity Unwound: 1760W

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