Husqvarna K 970 14" SmartGuard Power Cutter

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K 970 SmartGuard is sturdy, reliable, light, powerful and ready to perform when you are. The ultimate choice when you need an all-round cutter performing in the toughest conditions, withstanding climate and fuel variations. Equipped with SmartGuard, an extended blade guard design which reduces the likelihood of accidents and circumstances when a kickback may occur as it emphasises correct technique and correct cutting zone.

  • Cutting depth, max
    125 mm
  • Blade diameter, max
    350 mm
  • Output power
    4.8 kW



Want to take a closer look? Learn more about the product in depth by exploring its features and benefits.

K 970 SmartGuard with Vari-Cut

Enhanced safety

When cutting hard materials in confimed spaces e.g. pipe cutting.

K 970 SmartGuard with Vari-Cut

Easy to inspect

Enables easy and visual inspection of the condition of the SmartGuard to secure functionality.

Purposeful design

Guides you to start cutting in the correct zone thanks to the design.

K 970 SmartGuard with Vari-Cut

Easy and optimal belt tensioning

The semi-automatic SmartTension minimises the risk of under- and over tensioning

K 770 SmartTension

  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Easy to start
  • Long service intervals
  • Less slurry and low water consumption
  • Magnesium blade guard
  • Light and powerful
  • Easy to change blade guard position
  • Maintenance-free air filter
  • Fits multiple blade bushings
  • High power with less fuel
  • Reduced wear
  • Smooth blade stop
  • Maintenance-free starter
  • Less emissions and fuel consumption
  • Active Air Filtration™
  • Anti-vibration system
  • DuraStarter™
  • EasyStart
  • Poly-V belt
  • SmartCarb™
  • Wet cutting kit
K 970 SmartGuard with Vari-Cut
Sturdy and reliable
Less sensitive to outer conditions and fuel variations, thanks to the cylinder design and muffler with integrated heat deflector.




Output power
4.8 kW
Cylinder displacement
93.6 cm³
Electrode gap
0.5 mm
Number of strokes
2-stroke engine
Exhaust emissions (CO2 EU V)
736 g/kWh

Cutting equipment

Cutting depth, max
125 mm
Blade diameter, max
350 mm
Arbor diameter
20/25,4 mm
Blade thickness, max
5 mm
Peripheral speed, max
90 m/s


Product size length
818 mm
Product size width
214 mm
Product size height
454 mm
11.9 kg

Sound and noise

Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA)
115 dB(A)
Sound pressure level at operators ear
104 dB(A)


Vibrations left/front handle
4.2 m/s²
Vibrations right/rear handle
3.7 m/s²

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