HUSQVARNA K 770 14" SMART Power Cutter

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Husqvarna smartguard new and improved power cutter. Equipped with semi-automatic SmartTension system that allows for optimal power transmission, minimum wear and maximum belt life. Dependable cut-off saw works great for a variety of cutting applications such as curbstones and pavers in landscaping, metal/pipes in installation work, concrete in buildings as well as roadwork applications with the trolley accessory.


  • SmartGuard, an extended blade guard design which reduces the likelihood of accidents and circumstances when a kickback may occur as it emphasizes correct technique and correct cutting zone
  • Enables easy and visual inspection of the condition of the SmartGuard to secure functionality
  • Guides you to start cutting in the correct zone thanks to the design
  • Superior power-to-weight ratio while being light, compact, and powerful
  • Semi-automatic SmartTension lowers risk of under-and-over tensioning
  • Cast magnesium crankcase has a three bolt joint to attach the cutting head, making higher torsional rigidity than the previous two-bolt set up
  • Strong poly-V belt with maintenance-free DuraStarter and new efficient Active Air Filtration system ensures long usage intervals
  • Clutch cooling fan lowers operating temperature inside the belt cover extending the service life for the transmission components, including the drive belt
  • DEX, dust suppression system, makes it easy to ensure dust is reduced while minimizing water consumption and slurry
  • Diamond blades are sold separately

What's Included?

  • Husqvarna K770 SmartGuard Saw
  • Gardena Water Connector
  • Combination Spanner
  • Operator's Manual

Technical Specs-

Power 5 hp
Max Depth of Cut 5 in
Blade Capacity 14 in
Arbor 1 in
Max Blade Thickness 0.2 in
Vibrations Left/Front Handle 2.0 m/s²
Vibrations Right/Front Handle 2.3 m/s²
Sound Pressure Level
at Operators Ear
101 dB (A)
Weight 24.5 lbs (11.1 kg)

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