Husqvarna K 40 I 350 Air powered Power Cutter

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Powerful and reliable air-powered industrial cutter, perfect for use indoors or outdoors with access to compressed air. Featuring a long, slim line body, with good weight distribution and fine balance laterally and between the handles. An air-powered Husqvarna cutter is also a convenient alternative for working outdoors where the air change rate is low, such as in pipeline trenches, in deep foundation sites and on marine docks.

  • Cutting depth, max
    125 mm
  • Blade diameter, max
    350 mm



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K 40

Perfect for use indoor and at low air change rate places

Air-powered cutters are perfect for use indoors and outdoors in places where the air-change rate is low, such as in pipeline trenches.

K 40

Ergonomic and easy cutting

Efficient cutting with less strain on your body, thanks to its low weight, ergonomic handle and low vibrations.

Smooth blade stop

Reduces the stop time of the blade when the machine is switched off, which enables you to quickly move on to the next job.

K 40

Pneumatic motor lubrication

An oil mist lubricates the motor.

K 40

  • Blocks, curbstones and pavers
  • Cast concrete
  • Floors and walls
Power Cutter
Blocks, curbstones and pavers
Cutting building blocks, curbstones and garden pavers.




Output power (As rated by the engine/motor manufacturer)
3.2 kW

Cutting equipment

Cutting depth, max
125 mm
Blade diameter, max
350 mm
Arbor diameter
25,4 mm
Blade thickness, max
5 mm
Peripheral speed, max
100 m/s
Air requirement
5.96 m³/h


Product size length
685 mm
Product size width
235 mm
Product size height
420 mm
9.9 kg

Sound and noise

Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA)
107 dB(A)
Sound pressure level at operators ear
92 dB(A)


Vibrations left/front handle
9.5 m/s²
Vibrations right/rear handle
5.2 m/s²

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